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Welcome to our site, Marvelous Munch, we’re Phillip & Valerie. We’re a couple with diverse backgrounds and a passion for cooking. Phillip was born and raised in Memphis, TN, and Valerie grew up on Long Island, NY. We both ended up living in Baltimore, MD, where we met and still live today.

Marvelous Munch was created for people who have the same mindset as us! We love to cook, but always ate out on the weekends because we were just too tired from working our day jobs. Instead of cooking at home, we would go out for dinner and drinks, which would end up costing us a small fortune every month and most of the time the food was just OK. Our idea of date night has changed, and we have started to realize that we spend more time with each other cooking together and still have a great meal and drinks!

This blog helps us to stay honest and continue to push ourselves. Our saying, “From our kitchen to yours, cheers!” is what we want this blog to feel like, like we are saluting you as you partake in this journey with us. So join us in making some of our favorite recipes and more than anything, just have fun with it!

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