Date Night In Ideas

Marble tray with cocktails and flowers

These last few days quarantined at home have been anything but normal. We both aren’t sleeping through the night and having anxiety regularly about what is going to happen next. Not having structure has been driving the Type-A in me up the wall. So, Phillip being the creative one of the two of us decided to make these next few weeks fun and plan activities each day to give us something to look forward to each day. Below are our favorite Date Night In Ideas we want to share with you & encourage you to do the same!

Date Nights We’ve Had Below:

  • Fancy Dinner & Drinks
  • Dance Par-tay
  • Camping Indoors or Under the Stars
  • Movie Night

Future Date Night In Ideas:

  • Ride bikes
  • Recreate our first date
  • Watch a comedy show
  • Create our own Jeopardy
  • Make a music video
  • Come up with a new cocktail with what we have on hand
  • Create our own obstacle course
  • Create a bucket list together
  • Visit the national parks online
  • Travel virtually to take a mini vacation

Fancy Dinner & Drinks

Let’s be real, none of us are really getting ready each day. And if you say you are, please just lie to me. We are all changing out of our pajamas, well, maybe, but we are putting on another form of comfy clothing to lounge in while “working” all day. Personally, I haven’t worn a stitch of makeup since Saturday and am LOVING it. But, nothing makes us feel better than getting ourselves together for a night out.

My mom always said whenever I was down or not feeling well to take a shower, do my hair, and freshen up, it will make you feel better. She’s right. When you put time into your appearance and look good, you feel good too. Now, we are all beautiful sans makeup and in sweats but damn, does some mascara make your eyes pop!

Get yourself ready, make a fancy cocktail, and put something delicious on the stove to enjoy together. Maybe have a few more of those cocktails and see where the night takes you. All in all, take some time to impress your partner again without sweats on.

Dance Par-tay

This Date Night In Idea is our favorite. We LOVE to dance in this house. Most days after work we find ourselves in the kitchen, music on, and dancing our butts off. We alternate between who picks the tunes but we always both seem to know all the words. We laugh and make fools of ourselves in the best way possible. This shouldn’t change now.

Curate the playlist or find your favorite throw back station to boogie down to. And do just that, BOOGIE. Really give it your all and have fun. Turn the music up and jump around. Get your pent up energy out while having a dance battle. Phillip usually wins those (I let him win). Heck really get into it and turn the lights out and dance in the dark or with a few candles. Bring up your favorite music videos and jam out reminiscing.

Camping Indoors or Under the Stars

The only luck that has come of this is the turning weather into the spring. Phillip and I have been getting outside as much as possible. Wether that be taking the dogs for a walk, eating lunch on the deck, or having happy hour on the porch. Any excuse to get out really. With the changing season it’s the perfect time to get outside and look at the stars.

Plan it out, get yourself some supplies to make s’mores even if it’s just over the grill or in the microwave. Put on some warm comfy clothes and blankets to cozy up next to each other under. Bring a pack of cards and challenging each other to a game of Rummy 500.

Movie Night

This classic Date Night In Idea is an oldie but a goodie. Break out the list of movies you’ve been dying to watch or create a list of oldies that you can’t get enough of. Build a sheet and pillow fort in the living room. Or just re-arrange the furniture to let you lay on the ground with tons of blankets and pillows.

Make it really feel like something different than just plopping yourself on the couch to watch more mindless hours of television. Phillip made us tickets to the movie with a time and everything. We got our popcorn and made sure we were in our sets in time for the movie to start. When those pesky kids (dogs) were talking during the movie we threw our popcorn at them but it only seemed to make them more excited and not leave us alone.

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