Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch on a plate

In your wildest dreams, did you ever think you could eat something (Taco Bell inspired) and think it was healthy…. ish? Well step right up and get your mouth ready to salivate over this taco bell inspired favorite! Drum roll please….. We present to you, the Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch. The only thing we are missing is the mild, hot, and fire sauces, but you can make do with our sour cream infusion.

Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Inspiration Behind the Dish

In new relationships, you learn alot about the person very quickly. What their favorite sport is, who their favorite actor/actress may be, and what type of fast food they like. I was shocked to find out that Val LOVES Taco Bell. Not all Taco Bell food, just Cheesy Gordita Crunch’s. She could house 3 of those things in one sitting and then want to go back for more. Needless to say, when we decided to make another fast food classic, this was next on the list. Our other fast food renditions were Chik-fila chicken nuggets and the Big Mac.

Tools to Use

Baking Sheet: You’ll need a baking sheet to get those tortillas and tacos melty with cheesy goodness.

A bigger mouth: You’re going to want one when you take a bite out of these things.

Close up impossible meat cheesy gordita crunch

Ingredients to Make this Recipe

Taco Seasoning: You’ll need our taco seasoning from our Classic Baked Tacos for these Impossible Meat Cheesy Goridita Crunches.

Taco Shells & Tortillas: Yes, you’ll absolutely need both of these. You’ll need the soft tortilla and the crunch from the actual shells to make that special combination.

Sour Cream Mixture: It’s honestly kinda hard to mess this one up. It’s adobo sauce, from a can of chipotles in adobo, lime juice, salt. If its too salty, limey, or spicy, add some more sour cream. If theres not enough heat, add more adobo sauce and so on.

Cheese: You’ll want to grab some of your favorite cheese. We used cheddar and pepper jack, but in all honesty I don’t think you can go wrong.

Impossible Meat: Grab that delicious meat substitute from your local grocery store. Impossible meat, as we’ve discussed in other posts, is our FAVORITE meat substitute. It’s not because it “fake bleeds” but rather the taste of it. We’ve found that Beyond Beef is a bit sweeter taste that doesn’t really go away and you can’t disguise it. Beyond Beef is good with certain other flavors and we’ll have some recipes coming out, but Impossible Meat is our go to. You can add in the flavors and the plant based meat substitute really grabs and holds on to them.

Lettuce: Just because… but you can totally leave this out if you want.

Overhead view of Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch tacos

Step by Step Instructions

In cooking theres something call Mise en place. This is a french culinary term that means “everything in place”. It’s practiced by very experienced chefs and is a good habit to get into. This makes cooking easier and more enjoyable because you’ll know your next steps before you even do it.

So, we’ll start making these Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch’s with our sour cream. As stated above its VERY simple. Just add in the adobo sauce from a can of chipotles in adobo into a cup of sour cream. Add in some salt and lime juice and mix it all up. Taste the mixture and see if you need to add anything else to balance it out.

Get your cheese ready in a bowl next to the sour cream mixture for the step after. Take out your taco and tortillas so that we can put all of them together. Next step will be to make the taco seasoning and have that ready to go.

Plate of tacos next to a blue rag and pink flowers

Once you’ve got your seasonings all thrown together, you’ll want to turn your oven to 425 degrees and get a skillet over medium heat up to temp. Throw in 2 tbsp olive oil into your skillet and then toss in the Impossible Meat. Impossible Meat says its best to cook up to 165 degrees, so you’ll want to make sure to get it close to that temp and then add in your seasonings. Once the seasoning is in, add 1/3 cup of water and stir it all together. Let the meat get all the way to 165 degrees (or higher if you like) and then leave on very low heat.

Grab your tortillas and put cheese on top spread around, place cheese side up in the oven on top of your baking tray. Leave in for 3-5 minutes or until cheese is melted. Take out baking try and grab your taco shells. Wrap the tortilla around the shell so the cheese starts adhering to the shell. Squeeze until the cheese has formed around the shell and get ready to fill.

Wooden board with a bunch of double stuffed tacos on a white plate

Add Impossible Taco Meat, then a layer of sour cream and finally top with lettuce. Once you’ve added all of that on top, you’ll want to eat it as quickly as possible. The smell will overwhelm you and you will begin to get hangry if you weren’t already. Chow down and enjoy this Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch. As always, we hope you enjoy this recipe. From our kitchen to yours, cheers!

Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch on a plate

Impossible Meat Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Course Main Course
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4 people


Spicy Sour Cream

  • ¾ cup sour cream
  • 1 chile in adobo sauce minced
  • 1 – 1½ tsp adobo sauce
  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • ½ tsp salt


  • 6 hard tacos shells
  • 6 soft taco shells
  • 1 impossible meat package
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • cup shredded pepper jack cheese
  • lettuce shredded

Taco Seasoning

  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp cayenne
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 beef bullion cube crushed up
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • ½ cup water


Spicy Sour Cream

  • Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix up
  • If too spicy, add more sour cream, if you like heat kick in some more adobo sauce!


  • Combine all taco seasoning together (except for the water) in a bowl and set aside
  • Turn oven on and set to 425°
  • Grab a skillet and bring to temp over medium high heat
  • Add in olive oil and impossible meat
  • Cook impossible meat until it reaches 165° or at least close enough
  • Add in taco seasoning and ½ cup of water and cook further until meat is done and water has evaporated a bit
  • Set skillet to low heat and grab tortillas and cheese
  • Spread cheese over the top of the tortillas and put on baking tray cheese side up
  • Put in oven for 3-5 minutes until cheese has melted
  • Once cheese has melted, grab taco shells and wrap tortilla around taco shell so cheese adheres to the shell
  • Pack in impossible taco meat, top with sour cream and lettuce
  • Consume and make mmmmm sound with mouth

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