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Union brewery beers

January is flying by, isn’t it? This past week has felt like a whirlwind. The week finally feels back to normal after the holidays and vacation. I have to say it is nice to be back in a routine. Creature of habit over here. The type A in me loves to plan and organize as well as have a solid routine and agenda for each day. Probably drives Phillip crazy.

We were a little bummed come Saturday to see the Ravens lose and be bumped from the Superbowl but the Titan’s still have a chance. We drown our loss in a few craft beer’s from our favorite brewery, Union Brewery.  We could not believe the weather in Baltimore, we ended up having out beers… OUTSIDE. It was near 70 mid-day Saturday and about 60 later that afternoon. Just enough for a nice sweater, some cozy boots, and a beer to keep you warm!

Recipes we made this week:

For years now, every vacation I take I try to limit or cut out my coffee intake because deep down I know it isn’t very good for me. This past weekend at brunch, my friend who is pregnant was expressing how difficult it was to give up her daily coffee routine and how she was struggling with headaches because of stopping. So for anyone looking to cut back or eliminate caffeine this is a great read on how to quit without the withdrawals.

This is a different way to keep your plants healthy, milk, really?

Hmm, I thought it did take 21 days to break a habit, I guess it’s all a myth.

The Office is a guilty pleasure our ours, I cannot image a season without Creed!

*Cue my bank account depleting* New Joanna & Chip Gains Target Collection! This table, this pillow, and I already bought this braided mat. Shh don’t tell Phillip.

The superfoods of 2020 are….

Have you all heard about the new WW (Weight Watchers) program? Looks too good to be true, redeeming points for Class Pass or Rent the Runway… I’m signing up! Need that Rent the Runway for vacations coming up.

I am late to the game and still watching season 2 of “You”, but I am THRILLED to hear a season 3 is on the horizon.

Speaking of new shows. We have been waiting so patiently (not patient at all) for the next HBO show, and Mark Ruffalo as the lead. Yes!!!

Things I love this week:

  • These bodysuit tee shirts, cause who else hates tucking shirts in?
  • The casual pants, in every color!
  • This mug would totally help me when I get distracted every 5 minutes in the morning and go to spit my coffee and it’s cold, sigh.
  • I’ve been using this honey overnight mask recently and my skin has never felt so soft. Side note – I have very complex skin, parts are extremely dry and other very oily. This doesn’t clog my pores and leaves my skin hydrated

In case you were wondering where to vacation next month, we got you!

This is a genius challenge to go through your wardrobe and really utilize your clothing. Ugh, do I have the determination though.

Blue light isn’t all bad? But it’s still good to protect yourself. These are my fav blue light blocking glasses, They are so cheap, I keep one pair on my desk and one pair on my nightstand.

While I’m not so sure if I can create zero waste, this was an interesting read and really got me thinking on how to reduce the amount of waste we product in my house.

Saving for retirement is a daunting task, we talk about retirement and finances all the time. These retirement tips sure are helpful!

Personally we believe that exercise is extremely important and try to workout minimum of 3 times a week. But the belief that exercise can solve it all, mental health included, isn’t just that simple.

Top wellness trends of the last decade, vaginal steaming is still a thing? Come on people.

Loving these recipes right now:

That’s everything for now, catch ya next week!

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