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Hiya & happy almost weekend! I am writing to you this week from Nashville, Tennessee. After just getting back from Montana, I packed up again and headed to a bit warmer of weather for one of my oldest friend’s bachelorette party. This will be the last bit of travel for the next few months and I am so okay with that. While exploring new cities is exciting, I am much more of a routine driven homebody. And this coronavirus does not make traveling seem anymore appealing. Phillip and I stocked up this week on some essentials since this outbreak seems inevitable. Good thing I started spring cleaning already. Can I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer at the same time? Asking for a friend…. anyway, stay safe & enjoy the links!

Recipes we made this week:

Recipes coming soon:

  • Colcannon Stuffed Flank Steak (Friday 3/6)
  • Ceviche Stuffed Fried Avocado (Monday 3/9)
  • Shepard’s Pie Potato Skins (Wednesday 3/11)

YES! Things that should last forever, but don’t. That first cup of coffee. Definitely.

As a big Gin fan, I am going to need to try this out. Market research and all…

Busy schedules keep it tough to keep the healthy lifestyle you crave. These 11 wellness shortcuts can definitely help!

If you want to laugh and probably cry a little check out these adorable dog pics and stories!

What an interesting article on trusting and not trusting your gut.

The inner perfectionist in me needs to use a few of these tips.

As spring is quickly approaching everyone is sprint cleaning and working on their homes. Check out these curb appeal ideas.

Things I love this week:

I cannot maintain my nails at all. Very much thinking about trying this gel manicure at home routine.

This article about the American wellness industry going too far rings true. I’m all about practicing self-care and eating healthy, clean foods, however is it starting to control people’s lives?

Similarly, society is now running on intangible likes and follows as well as instant satisfaction. I am not immune to that but at the end of the day no one cares about that, do they? Everyone is so self-consumed to think about the silly mistake you made a week ago. So forget about what people think and enjoy being in the present.

Recipes we love this week:

Need to get my hands on some of these books coming out this spring!

I have been dealing with lower back pain since high school, the foam roller WORKS.

With the weather getting warmer sooner everyone has spring cleaning in mind. Getting your yard together might be something to keep in mind these next few weeks. Check out these tips!

A great article on how to form and keep up with healthy habits.

This 4 Step Formula for Positive Thinking is so accurate. Take a deep breath, it’s almost spring!

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next Thursday for more Links We Love!

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