Links We Love 12/26/19

Cookies next to coffee and a book

What a week, am I right?

This week has been filled with non-stop family time and probably eating more than my bodyweight on a regular basis. I need a vacation from this vacation or at least the smell of lemons apparently to relax.

Or I could just mush over these puppies during naptime at daycare!

Speaking of dogs, I cannot believe no one got me the new robotic pooper scooper for my dogs for Christmas. Um, I need this, two dogs, one small city backyard, it’s a match made in heaven.

Now this is the right way to wake up for the gym at 5am.

With Christmas here and gone, the planner in me is now dying to plan out this next year and traveling will have a lot to do with that.

Well no matter where I go, it would be an even better trip to fly first class and drum roll please, for free!

I’ll have to practice these tips on my next trip to becoming more photogenic.

Wine is a big drink in my household, and I have had the please recently of introducing the Ullo to some of my friends.

This magical device eliminates the wine hangover! Let’s just say everyone had a GREAT time at my Christmas party this year and the next day, as if they didn’t have a drink the night before.

And don’t forget the extra filters because once you experience this magic you will want to repeat again and again.

Cannot wait to try these:

I have never been a Pop-Tart person, but I can get on board with these new pretzel flavors

And to close this year out on a positive note, the career advice both Oprah and Melinda Gates offer is just simply, be yourself.

Have a Happy New Year!

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