Links We Love 5/28/20

Wooden table with computer flowers and coffee on top

Thank you Mother Nature for finally some great weather! Quarantine was really getting to me with having week after week of rain. Now that the suns out, it really does put you in a better mood. And plus, Nora and Milo are loving the walks they get when it isn’t raining. We have been busy grilling up a storm. Phillip has convinced me that grilling down south is so much different than here in Maryland (still technically the south) or back up in New York. We really are enjoying our happy hours on the deck and morning coffees on the porch. Maybe a little backyard lunch picnic is in our future. It’s the little things recently we are realizing how special and nice that time is together.

Anyway, enough with my mush, onto the links…

Recipes we made last week:

Coming Soon:

  • Chocolate Covered Banana Coconut Donuts
  • Balsamic Apple Pork Chops

Is being in a constant funk just the new norm? Always trying new ways to break the funk.

Another great article on staying resilient during these times.

These pictures capture Milo and Nora exactly. Sometimes they absolutely love each other and sometimes they could not be more annoyed.

The perks of quarantine.

Things I love this week:

Who hasn’t gained weight during this pandemic? And who cares anymore? A few extra pounds can do the body good sometimes.

An outdoor kitchen is definitely a part of my dream house. These kitchens are giving me major fomo.

Cannot wait to see the next Legally Blond!

The job market is changing and so should your resume. Check out these tips to help!

I think the lack of moving has really caused my hamstrings to get tight. Trying out these stretches to loosen them up.

I’ll never forget Milo shaking and growling at me the first few weeks I adopted him but now he’s the happiest pup on earth. All these adopted animals are making me melt.

Some great bedroom organization ideas to inspire some weekend projects.

Lusting over these road trip ideas right now and wishing we were planning a trip.

Home buying tips from flippers.

The science of happy, well I’m not sure it’s exactly a science but some great tips about shedding positive lights on things.

This dad’s review of his toddler’s restaurant has me cry laughing!

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next Thursday for more Links We Love!

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