Links We Love 6/28/20

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Hiya & happy Sunday! This week’s edition of Links We Love is coming to you from my backyard, yet again. Phillip and I have spent the weekend doing chores inside and outside and are taking this afternoon as a much needed rest. The dogs are bathed, the house is clean, and the yard is mowed. There is something about checking off those to-do lists that give me an incredible satisfaction. We have recently perfected a pulled pork sauce and are going to make some sliders and kickback in the sun with a few beers.

Now onto the links…

Recipes we made last week:

Coming Soon:

  • Seafood Rollatini
  • Mediterranean Chicken and Eggplant Fries

I never went on a cross-country road trip but it’s always been on my bucket list. All these stops are on the list!

Perfect! All the tips and tricks for finding the perfectly ripe fruits.

For everyone trying to branch out and do something creative with their quarantine, try these ancient Greek tricks to get the juices flowing.

For everyone entering the job market, here’s how to express some passion on that dreaded cover letter.

We try to produce as little waste as possible, but sometimes it’s tough. Loving these ideas on what to do with all your fridge scrapes, definitely something to share here on Links We Love. Sometimes we boil our scrapes of veggies in some chicken broth and add it to our dog’s dinner.

Things I love this week:

Travel is bound to change post-pandemic, World of Wanderlust makes her predictions of what to expect.

My office chair at home is a joke compared to the one I have in the actual office. These tips to help posture have been great! Recently I started using this seat cushion and am loving how much better my back and even wrist feels after a long day.

Anyone else love dried flowers? I mean fresh are always so beautiful in the house but they only last a few weeks. Check out these dried flowers recommendations.

Cannot stop laughing at this Parks & Rec Town Hall Meeting!

I used to practice oil pulling for years and somehow slowly stopped. Maybe I’ll pick it up again now that my mornings have freed up some more.

Since I have my coconut oil out, maybe I’ll try out some of these uses for coconut oil.

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next week for more Links We Love!

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