Links We Love 7/24/20

Picnic blanket with cheese board, watermelon, and wine

Hiya & happy Friday! Summer is flying by and not gonna lie, I am kind of okay with it. Like many of you, our summer plans have been changing so often I think it’s time we throw in the towel with trying to have a vacation or do something different. Phillip has been insistent on making tropical drinks every weekend to make us feel like we’re at the beach. It’s definitely helping. But mostly it’s been the heat here that is driving me stir crazy. Everyday is nearing 100 here in Maryland. I am starting to dream of those crisp fall mornings and the evenings where we light up a fire and relax. Ahh, that sounds perfect right about now.

Now, onto the links we love…

Recipes we made last week:

Coming Soon:

  • Watermelon Mint Coolers
  • Watermelon Feta Panzanella 

Why does going to the beach feel like you need to have a fashion show? Well, here are a few ways to make that sandy runway yours.

Easy and cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen without out a major renovation.

The future of the office is reading my mind. I am all about that hybrid office in the future. As well as the need to never wear heels 5 days a week again.

A lazy person’s guide to happiness, well not really laziness, but some good info!

Anyone still struggle from time to time working from home? This article has really helped me be more productive this week.

Things I love this week:

Speaking of work, is a work-cation a thing now that remote work is so common. Loving this trend, by the way. Remote work all the way.

Fall color trends to check out. Also, cannot believe I am talking about the fall while it’s 99 degrees outside.

Melting. This person built their dogs a “Doggie-Vator”. Milo has fallen down or up the stairs more in the last two months than ever. May have to take a page out of their book. In the meantime, getting some of those stair treads for him to grip better.

All these kitchen remodel tips have me lusting after a new kitchen. Felt the need to share on Links We Love so you can lust too.

Want to grow your locks? Me too. I’m trying out these 8 DIY tips.

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next week for more Links We Love!

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