Links We Love 8/20/20

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It has been a WHILE for Links We Love & that’s on me. Work has been extraordinarily stressful and I finally feel like I can start to breath again. So we decided to take a long weekend away from the crazy that is our jobs and spend some time relaxing. It’s supposed to thunderstorm here and I am getting us prepared for movie nights, mac & cheese, and snuggles with the pups. At first, when seeing the raining weather I was defeated, of course it would rain. Can’t we catch a break and have a final sunshine summer weekend. But, I decided to look on the bright side of a rainy weekend. This means for me at least, nerding out planning new recipes, re-organizing my closet, and sleeping in listening to the rain hit the skylight.

Now onto the links…

Recipes we made last week:

Coming Soon:

  • Greek Chicken Salad
  • Chili Verde

Everything you need to know about caring for every type of fabric.

This dating timeline has me rolling on the floor laughing. Very accurate.

Serious lust over these home offices. Phillip and I share an office and we need a total renovation.

As a woman in my late 20’s, I can’t stop laughing at the comparison between mid-20’s and mid-30’s millennial women.

Summer breakouts are a thing, all the sweating and quickly drying with the sun and AC. Here’s a few tips to try to prevent them.

Interesting read over expiring and permanent skills. Considering the job market this is a great read to get ahead.

Things I love this week:

Speaking of the job market, check out these 5 simple steps to become a Linkedin all star.

Afraid to go back to the gym? Us too, we’ve been working out at home. Make sure to catch up on some of these common working out at home mistakes to keep yourself safe and fit.

And this is really what I mean by working out at home!

Speaking about the job market, it has been crazy how crazy the housing market is right now considering the unemployment rate. However, everyone is looking for a steal on a home. Well, maybe you can build one and still make it a steal

Recipes I love this week:

Celebrate the small wins at work. I sure can use any positivity when it comes to work.

Need some time away from work. Road trips are all the rage right now. Plan the ultimate road trip here!

I love reading the books before the movie comes out, definitely snagging a few of these soon.

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next week for more Links We Love!

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