Links We Love 1/2/20

Sunset over the bay

2020 is here and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us here at Inquizitive. We rang in the new year with a few friends downtown reminiscing on the last decade of friendship we have shared together. As we shared our memories, failures, and more importantly successes, I realized how fortunate and lucky I am.

New Year’s morning we spent snuggling with our pups, drinking some coffee, and planning out what this next year has to offer us and I can’t wait to share all of our new projects with you. Speaking of planning, I LOVE this planner. This has kept me organized and motivated all year.

Need a pick me up, check out these baby sea otters. Melting.

Could have used these tips on my past vacations, ain’t nobody wants to be disrupted on vacation.

I have always been envious of people who can take a quick 30 minute nap and feel recharged. BUT, I have said that just resting without sleeping works and now science is proving me right!

This last decade has been wild, 31 best things we learned this decade.

The beginning of each year I dedicate an entire Saturday to cleaning out my closet. After hours of deciding to toss a dress, then change my mind to keep it, then toss it again because, come on if I’ve had it for 2 years and haven’t worn it, when will I? But ultimately keep the dress because this is the year I wear it. I never know what to do with all of my things to toss, now I have a guide!

Adding my name to the waitlist for this cross-legged office chair.

Traveling is going to be a big part of 2020 for us. One of the top 2020 resolutions is to travel and see new cities.

I appreciate all of my friends taking initiative and starting their own side-hustles. Anytime I can support them I will, but it is difficult putting your foot down and saying no. Next time I will follow this guide on how to deal with your multi-level marketing friend.

Loving these recipes right now:


  • Not that I take many shots anymore, but these shot glasses are so adorable!
  • There were a Christmas gift and I HIGHLY recommend these wireless headphones
  • Please keep the knee high boot trend because these are flawless
  • Seems like everyone has these slippers and they look like walking on clouds
  • Gel manicure watch out, Essie has a quick dry polish that works
  • As a person who gets at least one migraine a week, I next-day ordered these bad boys and will DEFINITELY follow up on how they are. This seems too good to be true.

We have big plans this year and are excited to bring you along for the ride!


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