Links We Love 1/9/20

Cozy feet in socks by fire

If you are like me, I am sure you’re ready for the next season of the Crown to come. Well why you wait, can you imagine spending a night in one of the castles! Swoon

These dreamy Airbnb rentals for this ski season look like a fantasy. Can you image some après ski here?!

Can anyone else use another vacation already? And if these are supposed to be the best January deals, I should probably just go ahead and book a trip…

This year we have a few trips already planned and on the list, but now I think we might need to add more with these 2020 travel trends.

Speaking of trips, these abandon places are eerie/intriguing.

Recipes we made this week:

Part of my 2020 goals is to be more mindful in all aspects of my life, hopefully these mindfulness tips will help when I get crazy busy.

Refreshing to see the truth behind perfect Instagram picture.

16 things everybody should stop doing in order to be successful. Philip told me to pay attention to #2, ugh.

Both Phillip and I have worked for far too many companies that just looked at us as a number, so we took action and made things happen ourselves. This list on how to invest in yourself when your employer won’t really rings true.

As a child of divorce I think both of my parents have always done a great job of introducing their partners to my brother and I. Now that I have friends in the same situation these 4 tips would be perfect for them as a quick read!

Things I love this week:

Is Nunchi the next big lifestyle trend for 2020?

I have always been interested in laser hair removal; I am who wants to shave their legs every day? But a touch-up one to four times a year! I’m not so sure anymore.

Wall to wall carpet is back? 2020 home trends here we come!

With all the cooking we do, I cannot believe we don’t have this clip on strainer yet. Well it will now be here in 2 days. Thank you Prime.

These pantries are #goals

Loving these recipes right now:

I haven’t been on a job interview in forever but I can steal these looks for the everyday office look

Biggest beauty trends that will be everywhere 2020, just order these super cute headbands. I’m obsessed. Thinking about these hairclips too. 2020 is going to be a big year for my hair.

As a brunette I can definitely get onboard with this new hair trend for 2020.

Who else is a fan of Oat Milk? *hand raises* I am obsessed, and now Starbucks is on board!

Well, back to my coffee. Look out for Links We Love next Thursday!

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