Links We Love 1/23/20

Dog on couch with eggs and bacon on plate

Hiya & happy almost weekend! This week we celebrated Milo’s 10th birthday! Phillip made him bacon and eggs, I know, I know, not the best. But he deserves it, he’s 10! Milo’s birthday has inspired me to make a dog cake recipe or even a cupcake recipe. On this list!! It’s hard to believe I got this little man almost 8 years ago. You’d never believe it but he was just slightly less gray back then. I wish I could have seen him as a little gray puppy. Can you image how cute he was?

On Saturday we went to a Brazilian steakhouse where we ate our body weight in meat. No complaints at all. We did skip the gym Sunday because we were still full and couldn’t fathom the idea of needing to move more than out of bed and on to the couch. Still worth it. We did eventually take the dogs for a walk, so that counts as our exercise for the day.

Recipes we made this week:

There is nothing cuter than these pups, well maybe this deaf dog welcoming his new pal home. Cue the happy tears.

How beautiful are these farmhouse table centerpieces. Makes me want to redesign my whole dining room.

This post about how to diet when you have kids I’m sure rings true to so many women.

Anyone partaking in Dry January, here’s a few tips on how to make plans with friends that don’t revolve around getting drinks.

Ordering all of these skin care products if I can have that baby soft skin again!

Things I love this week:

New trends of 2020:

I can get on board with this concept of home self-care. The amount of vacuuming and scrubbing I do probably drives Phillip nuts, but a clean house is a happy Val 🙂

We just started watching HBO’s newest thriller The Outsider and LOVE it, well we love anything with Jason Bateman! We also had to watch Avenue 5 for a few laughs after. Check out the newest shows coming out in 2020!

Nail trends coming in 2020, I need to start keeping up with my nails. They are always unpainted and so boring.

Wellness trends of 2020, I can jump on board with the mindfulness 2.0!

Where everyone wants to go in 2020, Hawaii, well, duh.

Social pressure can help avoid temptation, really?

Loving these recipes right now:

After working at companies I was unhappy at, I can vouch that perks in the office are overrated. While simple things like coffee and a fair amount of vacation time are essential, keep your ping pong tables and beer on tap.

Square breathing, huh. I remember learning this years ago to help anxiety, and now that Brene Brown says it, I must have learned something right!

Apparently Amazon Alexa doesn’t rule the robot world, according to, so I though!

Very interesting read on some of the ideas behind people being workaholics and how to slow down and enjoy life more.

Adding some of these books to my list before they become movies this year.

Well that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next Thursday for more Links We Love!

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