Links We Love 1/30/20

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Hiya & happy almost weekend! I don’t know about you all but this week has kicked my butt. Tons of errands, doing our taxes, making new recipes and prepping for vacation soon has got me all kinds of stressed. Seriously, who else feels like before and after a vacation you need a vacation? Uh, I do. All the prep into going, between packing, figuring out who will watch the dogs, planning your work while you’re away (so you can have a vacation), the list goes on.

By the time it’s ready to go you’re exhausted. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, I am very excited to be going on this trip and really do plan to relax while away. But vacations stress me out, and I can’t be the only one haha! Phillip made me wind down the other night over some wine and cheese, and I am so grateful.

Recipes we made this week:

Recipes to make for Super Bowl Sunday:

I need an Apple watch ASAP, they will pay you to work out? Maybe I’ll just steal Phillip’s Apple watch.

Can you imagine setting your own Uber fares, well apparently in California you can try it out!

Considering than half of college graduates do not end up working in the field they earned their degree it, these tricks to help you switch careers can be really beneficial.

Chevron is out? Good to know.

Finally, all my hair questions answered! These are really the links we love!

Airbnb is looking for 5 people to live in the Bahamas this spring, where do I sign up?

I am so excited for the Super Bowl commercial. Loving this one with Joh Krasinski, Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch. Check out other Super Bowl ads here!

Things I love this week:

I have always believed that you can and should eat the food you love regardless of whatever diet you are on. Go ahead and make those indulgent recipes!

Been saying this for years, make sure to shut the toilet bowl lid when you flush!

3 reasons why we make bad decisions and how to reverse them.

Anyone who knows me or Phillip knows just how big of animal lovers we are. Both our dogs, Milo and Nora are rescues and I would get another rescue in a second if we had more space and time to devote. Growing up we always had animals and were taught to never fear animals but when Milo was attacked by an off the leash dog this past summer it definitely struck fear in me. I still am on edge from time to time when a dog is not leashed and runs up to Milo to play. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are approached by a dog not on a leash in your neighborhood.

Loving these recipes right now:

Love this, not everything has to be perfect.

This was a good read on how to break a toxic habit

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next Thursday for more Links We Love!

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