Links We Love 2/13/20

Yellowstone national park

Hiya & happy almost weekend! I am writing to you from Big Sky, Montana. It is so captivating here. The slopes have been impeccable with plenty of fresh powder and sunshine. I spend Tuesday at Yellowstone National Park; I have no words. This was my first trip to a national park and I really don’t know how this can be beat. Everywhere I looked was postcard worthy. And going in the winter was the right choice. The park was quiet with barely any other people around so we were able to enjoy it all to ourselves.

Anyway, time to hit the slopes. Enjoy the links!

Recipes we made this week:

With Valentine’s Day around the corner just keep in mind it’s all your loved ones you should be reaching out to!

Loving these sweet and adorable hairstyles to try this Valentine’s Day.

Need some style inspiration for your date night, check out these outfits.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes:

I can’t stop watching these puppies fall in milk.

Will you be watching the most controversial movie of the year?

A few years ago one of my best friends made me take a quiz to find out my color pallet. AMAZING. I keep a picture of the colors on my phone and when I shop I try to stay in my color pallet. It has made creating new outfits from my existing wardrobe so much easier too!

Things I love this week:

The January diets are now here and gone but maybe you didn’t get the results you expected. It could be because of your infradian rhythm.

Phillip and I definitely take our turns at being the optimistic one in the relationship. Who knew it could aid in decreasing our chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

This is a wonderful collaboration of older generations and new technology.

Great list of things to do with your life in February.

Recipes we love this week:

Interesting read on what this woman learned from losing her job twice in a year and a half.

How true. Life is not pie. Great read on career advice specifically but this relates to so many things in life.

Siri can make reservations for me? Well, well, this changes things, “ahem, Siri”.

Well, that’s it for this week, check out Marvelous Munch next Thursday for more Links We Love!

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